Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Skip the pumpkins, I want my Christmas present!

I have just discovered what I want for Christmas this year.  Usually I don't figure it out until I get done shopping for everyone else's gift, about one or two days before Christmas, and then get upset with the DH for not reading my mind and running out to get exactly what I wanted before I knew I wanted it.  It's a wonder he puts up with me sometimes.

Anyway, about my early epiphany...I just stumbled across the Lap Stitch Dutch Treat frame for perforated paper by Images Stitchery Designs.

Lap Stitch Dutch Treat Frame for Perforated Paper
As I have mentioned before, I love Brooke's Books Publishing designs, but I have had difficulty working with the paper freehand because of arthritis.  I am hoping this frame will solve the problem and let me zip through her work much faster than previously.  It's on order through my local cross-stitching store and I'm very excited to try it out. I can't wait until Christmas!! Yippee!

I already have the Lap Stitch Little Doodler Frame by Images Stitchery Designs and really like it.  I use it for stitching at my kitchen table when I need to change positions and get off the couch because my back hurts (geez, it sucks getting old).

Lap Stitch Little Doodler Frame

My local cross-stitching store, Creative Stitchery & Frame, will start their "Going Out of Business" sale on October 16, 2012.  Next week I'll show you all the loot I bring home from that sale.  I know, I know, I'm not supposed to be spending money on more stash -- BUT IT'S A CLEARANCE SALE!  (There goes the Christmas funds)

UPDATE 10/17/12:  I've been notified by Chris at Creative Stitchery and Frame that Wichelt does not stock the Lap Stitch Dutch Treat Frame for Perforated Paper so I'll have to wait until it ships.  It should arrive some time around late November.

UPDATE 10/31/12: It'll be here next week!  SQWEE!

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