Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's only frozen spilt milk

First just let me state that I know this has nothing to do with stitching or sewing or any other crafty persuasion.  I am on a mission to save money on groceries too, as most families are, so to help do this we recently bought a deep freeze.  Not the little kind that you have to bend yourself in half to dig anything out of, but the upright kind that looks just like your inside frig but vacuum seals itself shut each time you open it so you feel guilty going into it for just one item. You save up trips like it was a warehouse super discount store.

Anyway, I recently tried to freeze milk, specifically, organic fat free milk in my brand new nifty deep freeze.  Then I tried to unfreeze it.  I had frozen and unfrozen a half gallon card board carton with good success, but I thought that I should really save money and freeze a full ONE GALLON PLASTIC CONTAINER OF MILK - Ta Da.  So when I went into my deep freeze to get said ONE GALLON PLASTIC CONTAINER OF MILK the plastic container was bulging in a frightening way.  I had to unfreeze it partiality in the sink because I was sure it would crack and leak as it defrosted.  But nothing bad happened, and into the frig it went.  So only 10 minutes ago I sat down to have a late night bowl of cereal (I'm a fan of breakfast for dinner) only to find that my ONE GALLON PLASTIC CONTAINER OF MILK is full of *ICK* water-milk.  I haven't had milk this watery since my mom made us drink that reconstituted powdered milk when I was a kid, which tastes Nasty with a capital "N".  I poured out several cups of my water-milk to see if it got better/thicker further into the container but no, it did not, so down the drain it went.

I ask you, please, can anyone tell me how to properly freeze a gallon of milk?  Am I doomed to freezing only half gallons for life?  If I get any good recommendations for this I'll pass them on, but only after I've tested them.

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