About Me

Wife, stepmother, grandmother, and daughter living in Houston, TX.  I have a degree in fiction writing and recently retired as Technical Minutes Writer working for a NASA contractor at Johnson Space Center when the Space Shuttle Program was closed down.  The shuttles and I retired together.

I learned to sew, cross-stitch, and hand embroider from my mother and maternal grandmother.  Inherited my love of painting from my paternal grandmother. Currently I am teaching myself machine embroidery on a "new to me" machine, and just starting quilting.  This should be an adventure.

Besides family, crafts, and traveling with my husband, I volunteer at the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Houston SPCA), and volunteer annually at Comicpalooza: The Texas International Comic Con.
My fabric horde - My precious!
I'm a hoarder of craft and sewing supplies -- I.AM.NOT.A.HOARDER.  I'm not sentimental about stuff and will get of things all the time (even stuff that's not necessarily mine) so stay tuned, you might benefit from my seasonal cleanings.  I actually really can't sleep well in a cluttered house, but I have a habit of buying craft, sewing and art supplies with the intention of doing a project, but never getting the project started or completed.

This blog won't mention much about my family, only a brief mention or photo occasionally   When you have an extended family like ours plastering photos and information about people can cause a lot of friction.

DH Blane & grandson Seth
SD Amber & GS Seth
SS Dan, DIL Chong, & GS Alex
SS Jared

SD Katie
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