Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP, Finished Projects, Local Shop Closing

I'd like to say that I am working on "X" project and that be the nice and neat story, but that would be a lie.  I'm one of those people that starts and stops 100 projects because I love to buy craft and sewing supplies.  Hello, my name is Brenda and I'm a craft-a-holic.  I believe in the motto "She Who Dies with the Most Stash WINS!!!"  And...I've inherited stash! one time I had an Etsy store so that gave me a reason an excuse to buy more stash.  So you see why I'm motivated to actually complete projects without actually purchasing more supplies.  Trading good, buying bad.

Unfortunately, in many ways, my local cross-stitching store is going out of business.  December 22, 2012 Creative Stitchery and Frame in Richmond, Texas will close their doors unless they can find a buyer beforehand.  This has prompted me to take a closer look at all my cross-stitching pattern horde and see what supplies I will need.  I've special ordered a few items, and am making a list of some that I want to purchase during the clearance sale.  I've heard from several of my fellow stitchers at the weekly Tuesday night "Wine & Stitch" that they are planning the same thing.  The shop also carries wool fat quarters if you know anyone that quilts using wool, or uses it for any other craft.

Reindeer Stocking - WIP
In the meantime, the Work in Progress (WIP) that I am currently focusing on is "French Country - Reindeer Stocking" by JBW Designs.  I like her work done in the French style.  The pattern calls for green thread on a light linen but I have reversed that going with a beige DMC thread (because I had an excess of it) on a 28 ct. Victorian Green Lugana.  I chose this fabric for two reasons: 1) it was on clearance & 2) the stocking is for my husband and  green is his favorite color.

By the way, I made the fabric protector around the Q-snap frame myself.  See, I can finish a project!  I just used remnant fabric and remnant baby elastic.  Speaking of finished projects.  I have a photos of two other projects completed in the last few months.  The first is "Rose Motif Sampler", also by JBW Designs.  Eventually it will become a pillow with a pink border, but I probably will take my time about it as I stupidly washed the project after completion.  The Weeks Dye Works (Strawberry Fields) thread bled into the linen.  This photo was taken pre-washing.  Weeks Dye Works claims that their thread is colorfast but I'm here to tell you this is NOT TRUE. 
Rose Motif Sampler (prewashed)
On to the next completed project.  I'm a BIG fan of Brooke's Books Publishing, and this "Jolly Teapot" is from her "Teatime With Mrs. Claus Collection".  I collect teapots so I had to have it.  What I like most about Brooke's work is that her graphics appeal to me and they translate well onto perforated paper.  I think they would get lost on fabric so I only do those she designs for perforated paper.
Jolly Teapot
There are one or two more completed projects, and of course 100's more WIP.  But that's for future posts.  

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