Thursday, November 1, 2012

And the Winner Is...

The Winnah of the Fabulous, First Evah, Give Away at The Dropped Thread is...Joyce Clark Frank.  Congratulations Joyce!  I already have your contact information and will be getting your delightful bat thread keeper to you ASAP.  If you haven't visited Joyce's blog yet, you really should:  I've met her in person and this woman is so full of energy she puts me to shame.  The blog is worth the visit just to see all her WIP and finished work.  I don't think she really sleeps.  Maybe the bat is an appropriate item for her.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  I really appreciate the wonderful comments I received.  This has been a learning experience, and I hope the giveaways get even better with time.

I got some feedback regarding some difficulties with becoming followers and possibly also leaving messages.  The most that I can come up with is that anyone using LiveJournal probably will not be able to do either.  LiveJournal doesn't play well with other blogs from what my sources are telling me. I also understand that the people that use LiveJournal really love the ease of working in the blog and are not about to leave it.  I've lost all my formatting once or twice with Blogger and had to start from scratch so I don't blame them.

Because of this issue I'm bring back the option for email to this blog.  I took it away because I wasn't getting any followers, but then found out it was because everyone was choosing the email option instead.  Now I understand why.  So it's back, just scroll down on the right side until you see it.  I may reconsider how give aways are done, but I probably will just stick with comments.  Blogger is a very popular blog format and from my research, most Blogger blogs do it that way.

I had minor dental surgery last week, followed by a major sinus illness and an allergy to my pain medication  so there has been no work done on WIP (Shaky Needle Syndrome).  I hope to be much further along with the "Reindeer Stocking" by JBW Designs

Here is the obligatory Halloween family photo.  This is of my GS Seth from last year.  For some reason we didn't take a photo of his actual costume that year, and didn't get to visit this year so no photo either.  He HAD to have to the doggie makeup done by the artist at the zoo, and of course it smeared everywhere in about 2 seconds.  But this photo was worth it.
We're into November.  Good luck on you're Christmas Stitching!

Note:  If you are using LiveJournal you may have problems leaving comments.

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