Sunday, November 11, 2012

Work In Progress Update - Busy, Busy, Me!

Whew!  It's been a busy week here in the Houston area; actually a busy month.  We've had the International Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival, which I did not get to attend due to surgery.  I did enjoy the Texas Renaissance Festival, and discovered that they have FINALLY added Weavers to their demonstration exhibits!  Unfortunately, I was so stunned that they actually did something I had been suggesting for them to do for years that I forgot to take any photos for you -  I was a very irresponsible blogger.  I plan on going back the last weekend of the festival to get photos, but that is Black Friday weekend, so please don't hold me to it.  In the meantime, if you are in the South East Texas area, please drop in and see them.  They are located in the same area as the metal casting.  The weavers have several looms and a spinning wheel that they demonstrate.
Violinist Faerie at Texas Renaissance Festival
Can you believe she is sitting in the dirt in that dress?

The local stores are gearing up for the holidays with several classes; from learning to make great gifts to beautiful ways to decorate your home for the holidays.  I've signed up for several classes just to improve my sewing skills and learn new sewing techniques.  I'm also starting a beginner's level quilting class.  This is totally new to me -- I've sewn most of my life, but not one quilt.

Today's class was "Easy Zippers" taught at Sew Contempo in Houston (Clear Lake area) and covered 5 different zippers using techniques from the fashion industry rather than the way we learned way back in Home Economics class.  I still managed to screw up the invisible zipper beyond belief -- zippers are my sewing bane.  I go out of my way to avoid a pattern with zippers.

In the meantime, I've been busy with WIP - Yay!  Here's an update.
"Reindeer Stocking"
I had gotten a little bit further on the "Reindeer Stocking" by JBW Designs, but then discovered it was off by half or 1 and half stitches and ended right back at this point.  That is the problem with working on such a dark color and small thread count. It is really hard to see the holes, but I need to conquer this because later I will have a burgundy piece in a 40 count.  I'm learning some valuable lessons.
"Blue Bird"
The "Blue Bird" is one of four birds Christmas ornaments; "Blue Bird", "Cardinal", "Sparrow", and "Chickadee" by Kathleen Hurley for DMC Corp. from Just Cross Stitch, December 1996.  I have completed the stitching on the "Cardinal" and just need to start the finishing.  These are all being stitched on 14 count Opalescent Raw Aida.  It was fabric I inherited and I'm not certain of the manufacturer.


"Egyptian Sampler"
"Egyptian Sampler" by Teresa Wentzler is a piece I haven't worked on in about 5 years.  I think I probably got confused when the pattern switched from 2 over 2 to 1 over 1 and gave it up.  It's actually a gift for a friend and I made the mistake of telling her about it before completing the piece and she has hounded me for it ever since.  That might be the other reason I'm avoiding it.  Who knows.  But, I'm putting back into rotation because it's ginormous and I'm tired of moving it around from table to table in my work space!  I decided to do it on a 28 ct. light beige linen to simulate parchment.
"Happy Holidays"
"Happy Holidays" is a Token and Trifles paper ornament by Tricia Wilson Nqwyen from Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch & Beading Issue No. 67.  I'm changing up the colors from the pattern (I always do) and using some DMC Rayon thread just to get rid of it.  I like how it's working on this paper because the thread doesn't pull too tight and tear through.  I have a tendency to over tighten my stitches so tearing through paper can be an issue for me, especially on work this tight.
Peg Bag or Clothespin Bag
This is the beginning of my attempts for a clothespin bag.  I found a pattern I liked for a Floral Peg Bag at HometoHome and printed up the pattern.  The material I'm using is "Dysfunctional Family" by Michael Miller.  After I cut all the fabric out it occurred to me there were no seam allowances indicated and that they had probably intended for me to cut it adjusting for my own preferred seam allowance.  It's a good thing I have hordes of fabric to allow for my stupid mistakes.  I'll let you know how this comes out after Clothespin Bag 2.0 is cut out.

So what are some of your activities this month? Is your November already busy too? Do you have any fun class suggestions for people in your area on your blog?  Leave a comment and let us know?

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